Violin #730
1610 A & H Amati
“Blanche Moyse” Tribute
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Listed here are a limited number of the violins that are available. Click on the opus numer to see photos and more details about each violin. If your connection is slow, we recommend the medium photos.

Occasionally, fine early Cox violins come back on the market, currently #111 and #157. Let us know if you are interested, or if you want to know more about a specific violin.

Opus 867 Peter of Venice Guarneri
Opus 845 "Koff" Vuillaume Guarneri
Opus 802 A&H Amati Grand Pattern 1613
Opus 783 A 7/8 Violin styled after the “Dancla” of Guarneri del Gesù
Opus 771 "Ortenberg" Montagnana 1717
Opus 766 The “Eddy-Brown” 1744 Carlo Bergonzi
Opus 730 1610 A & H Amati “Blanche Moyse” Tribute
Opus 11 Baroque Violin #11 - now available

Douglas Cox welcomes inquiries into special orders for new models to meet the needs of individual players, as well as requests for copies of great and interesting instruments.