Violin #712 The great "Leduc" of 
Joseph Guarneri "del Gesù

Violin #712 The great "Leduc" of 
Joseph Guarneri "del Gesù

Violin #712
The great "Leduc" of
Joseph Guarneri "del Gesù
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2017 Prices

Violins: $22,000 & $25,000
Violas: $25,000
Cellos: $45,000


We often have a selection of violins & violas from other makers. Please email or call for more information.


"The Cox instruments I own are superb concert quality instruments and are equal and often superior to the finest and famous luthiers of the golden age of violinmaking. I recommend his violins, violas and cellos with greatest enthusiasm as affordable substitutes to antique instruments."

Robert Koff (1919-2005)
Founding member of the Juilliard String Quartet

In a hillside workshop overlooking the foothills of the Green Mountains, some of the finest modern violins, violas and cellos are being made. Using fine woods, many from the surrounding mountains, traditional methods, and years of experience, Douglas Cox is making instruments to meet the needs string players from classical to jazz, from amateur to professional soloist.

Instrument Showings

Visitors are welcome at Doug's studio in West Brattleboro. Please call before making the drive to be sure that Doug will be there. We post upcoming showings on the Learn More page when possible.

The Models

Douglas Cox builds violins, violas and cellos in a wide range of models and styles to meet the unique requirements of each player. His standard models include the classics of Stradivari and Guarneri as well as many interesting models of Gasparo da Salò, Storioni, Guadagnini, Stainer, Amati and Montagnana. Orders for new models to meet specific personal needs are considered with interest, as are requests for copies of great instruments.

The Materials

Most of the wood used is fine maple and spruce from the mountains of the Eastern American forest, some from the hills immediately surrounding his studio. Doug has been cutting, aging and using his own wood since 1978 and his work has evolved over the years to make best use of its fine tonal qualities.

The Instrument Making Process

Graduating a top plate.

The construction process follows the classic Italian approach and is almost entirely hand work. The woodwork is done one instrument at a time with attention to the characteristics of the specific piece of wood being used; the model, style and aesthetic of the instrument or maker being copied; and the needs and expectations of the player.

An extensive process is used to produce an attractive ground for the varnish and to remove any stress from the wood. Doug uses a carefully developed spirit varnish in a range of classic colors to produce either a new or antiqued finish. Following set-up, the instruments are allowed to settle and are played in before final tonal adjustment. The entire process from wood selection to final adjustment is usually 12 months.

During the Violinmaker-in-Residence project Doug has been keeping a blog following the making of one special instrument, the "Gariel-Laredo" 1717 Strad formerly in the hands of Jaime Laredo, for the Vermont Symphony Orchestra. Read the blog here.


A good selection of violins and violas is available at Cox Violins in West Brattleboro, Vermont, and through several fine dealers around the country.

After so many years, there are over 800 instruments in use around North America and the world. If you are the owner of one, or if you are considering purchasing a Cox violin, viola or cello, please get in touch, and let us know about it and about yourself. We will be happy to provide as much information about the instrument as we can. If you are ever in or near Vermont, consider bringing the instrument in for a check-up and to be photographed.

Contact us for information about the availability of specific instruments and how to see them. We welcome inquiries about new instruments. Let us know how we can be of service to you. A limited number of scholarship opportunities are available for young musicians with limited resources. Click here to learn more.

Douglas Cox's Philosophy

To read Doug's own words about how he works, click here.

Purchasing a Cox Instrument

We have posted pdf files with more details about how to purchase a Cox instrument. Click the following links for terms of sale ~ trial policy ~ how to pack & ship instruments. We welcome your interest and questions by phone or and especially in person.